The Belfast Cowboys at the ARF Benefit - Public Welcome $35

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Hook and Ladder Theater and Lounge, 3010 Minnehaha Ave, Minneapolis

The Autism Recovery Foundation (ARF) invites you to a special benefit concert honoring the 2021 Minnesota "Autism Heroes", the individuals, parents, and staff who worked tirelessly this year for children with autism. This year, ARF is pleased to return to The Hook and Ladder for an outdoor concert featuring musical guest: The Belfast Cowboys. About The Autism Recovery Foundation: 1 in 54 children has a diagnosis of autism. ARF raises funds to ensure that all Minnesota children diagnosed with autism have access to the therapy services they need. You can help us build the autism workforce by providing scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students working in the field and support Minnesota families on the front lines of autism through our Canteen Grant program. Together we can ensure that all children have a bright future to look forward to.